Five Podcasts for PR and Comms Enthusiasts

I’ve only recently gotten into podcasts. I think this comes from people’s recommendations now that I’ve connected with PR & comms people on Twitter. Below I list five of my top podcasts for PR and comms enthusiasts. They will help with uni as well so they are great for students!

I have to really concentrate on something otherwise i’s just background noise, which is why I recommend listening to them while having a meal or on a walk. If you can listen to them while doing work then I envy you!

1. The Influencer Marketing Lab – Steve Guthrie

I’m a big fan of Scott’s podcast as influencer marketing is something I’m interested in. Scott and his special guests always delve into interesting topics and it’s a very relevant subject so I highly recommend listening.

Influencer marketing has been a widely debated part of PR & comms since the pandemic started, from the positives of working with influencers to their controversial visits to Dubai and breaking lockdown rules. Scott covers all bases in his podcast.

2. Have You Got 5 Minutes? – Rebecca Roberts & Harriet Small

Rebecca and Harriet’s podcast is a great one if you don’t have a lot of time. Their usual podcast lasts around 10 minutes! Have You Got 5 Minutes? is fairly new so you can catch up quickly as well.

Rebecca and Harriet cover topics in the news or things that are popular in the PR & comms industry. They touch on those passing thoughts or questions you were wanting to ask in your next lecture, so they cover anything they think people will find useful – go check it out.

3. Future PRoof Podcast – Sarah & Stephen Waddington

PR power couple Sarah and Stephen Waddington host this podcast that has been running since 2016! With the vast knowledge the pair have, the podcast is full of useful and great information about the business of PR, marketing and social media.

Their most recent episode covered a range of topics from Jackie Weaver to exiting lockdown (which we now have a timeline for). Each episode covers a lot so sit down with a coffee and give it a good listen, their thoughts are worth every minute.

4. Inside PR – Joseph Thornley

Now, this podcast isn’t currently active (last updated 2019), but its previous episodes covered a lot about the PR industry that will still be relevant. Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley all co-host this show and sometimes bring in a guest or two for their thoughts.

This podcast has been running for years so there are a lot of episodes to choose from. Take your pick from algorithms, YouTube and much more.

5. The PR Week – PR Week

You probably already know about PR Week, one of the go-to places for industry news. Luckily for us, they have a podcast too. Each week they catch up on industry news and trends so if you need some examples for your next seminar you can try giving it a listen!

The podcast brings different guests each week to discuss the various topics and provide experience from their time in the industry. I highly recommend as some of the guests come from big companies such as Google or Microsoft.

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Would You Try Baked Beans on Weetabix?

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the debate on Twitter about whether baked beans should be eaten with Weetabix – in my opinion NO, disgusting! However, the conversation was sparked by Weetabix’s image of the food combo, see below. It is one of many different food combos the brand has been introducing to us.

Whether or not you agree with the combination isn’t the point in this social media post. The post was meant to be controversial and to encourage people to engage in debates about it. The post was then followed by over 140 different companies replying with (hilarious) comments. It provided humour in a time when people probably need it most, which is why the post was so successful.

The PR company behind the idea was Frank PR and it stemmed from a recipe they shared last year about chicken coated in crushed Weetabix. They found that people love to engage in food debates-remember the endless pineapple on pizza divide? So, this was a great way for Weetabix to get some engagement.

The campaign grew because of organic shares, replies and likes. They didn’t pay for any of the social media engagement. I think the post did so well because of the tweets coming from other companies. Every man and his dog got involved with some very funny tweets. Something that doesn’t happen all too often.

I have listed a few of my favourite below for you to read. Hopefully you’ll have a bit of a giggle like I did.