About Sophie Smith


Welcome everyone, my name is Sophie and I am the voice of sophsnextstep.com. As you may have read, this blog focuses on PR and lifestyle. I started the blog at the beginning of 2021 and it has provided me with so many opportunities already.

A bit about me:

My undergraduate degree was in Maths with Management at Newcastle University. At school I loved maths and was always impressed with myself for doing well, so I decided to pursue a degree in it. 3 years into the degree I realised it wasn’t for me anymore so I switched to something that suited me better- Media and PR. Best choice I’ve ever made and I’ve fully embraced the PR industry since entering in 2021.

I now work in the content SEO and digital PR industry as a content and digital PR executive at NORTH, a Content Performance and Digital PR agency. Based in the North East of England, I contribute my time to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations as a committee member on the North East committee.

I started my blog in January 2021 and since then I have been featured 15 times in PR Place’s best student blogs of the week, I also came third in the best student bloggers of the year. An incredibly proud achievement after blogging for only 6 months.

Alongside my post-graduate degree, I had two jobs, the first one was with Stephen Waddington as a junior consultant for Wadds Inc. The role included: research, development, and the writing of content for books and reports; being co-editor of the COVID-19 UK Public Relations Startup Agency Report; helping with the monthly WaddsCon virtual event; ad hoc social media and writing support; and writing press releases for trade media and bloggers.

I was also the social media intern for Newcastle University Students’ Union where I worked alongside the Director of Communications Ann Cooper. During my role, I helped create the Student Insight Panel, conducted surveys and discussion groups, and consequently wrote reports on Newcastle students’ opinions of NUSU’s communications. This feedback was used to create a NUSU awareness campaign for the 2021-22 academic year.