Would You Try Baked Beans on Weetabix?

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the debate on Twitter about whether baked beans should be eaten with Weetabix – in my opinion NO, disgusting! However, the conversation was sparked by Weetabix’s image of the food combo, see below. It is one of many different food combos the brand has been introducing to us.

Whether or not you agree with the combination isn’t the point in this social media post. The post was meant to be controversial and to encourage people to engage in debates about it. The post was then followed by over 140 different companies replying with (hilarious) comments. It provided humour in a time when people probably need it most, which is why the post was so successful.

The PR company behind the idea was Frank PR and it stemmed from a recipe they shared last year about chicken coated in crushed Weetabix. They found that people love to engage in food debates-remember the endless pineapple on pizza divide? So, this was a great way for Weetabix to get some engagement.

The campaign grew because of organic shares, replies and likes. They didn’t pay for any of the social media engagement. I think the post did so well because of the tweets coming from other companies. Every man and his dog got involved with some very funny tweets. Something that doesn’t happen all too often.

I have listed a few of my favourite below for you to read. Hopefully you’ll have a bit of a giggle like I did.

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